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Patient Registration Forms - Four Options

Secure Seamless
Secure Submittable Forms
Digitized Fillable Forms

Downloadable Forms

Secure.pngSecure Seamless

Secure seamless forms enable your patients to complete the forms online like you see in the image on the right, and when they are finished and click Submit, the information is securely sent, and seamlessly integrated, into your practice management software. In order for this to work seamlessly, your practice management software must be HL7 compliant. Ask you vendor to confirm.

Secure Submittable Forms

This is one of our most popular features. It enables your patients to securely complete your patient registration forms securely on your website and click Submit. Once the forms are submitted, you will receive the completed form as a PDF, which you can attach to your patient chart in your practice management software, or you can print it out and save it to your paper based chart. The major advantage to this service is that it greatly decreases the chance of the "new patient no show." Why? Simply because if the patient has taken the time to complete the new patient paperwork, they will likely show up for their appointment.

The image to the right is from, Notice, that the page is secured since it begins with "https...," which means the page meets all HIPAA (United States) and PIPEDA (Canada) security regulations for patient privacy.

Digitized Fillable Forms

Our second option to that your patient registration forms can be converted to Adobe Acrobat Reader documents for your patients to download. This enables them to fill out the forms at their leisure, it enables your staff to read the forms since they are typed, and it drives your new patient to the website.We will convert your forms to "fillable" Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF's, meaning a user can fill in the form using a computer keyboard.  Click the link to see a good example of a fillable form.

All patient registration forms must either be submitted electronically such as a Word document or PDF, or they must be submitted via mail.  Mail submissions must be original forms and they must be unfolded.  We cannot convert forms that are copies of original forms since we need to scan the forms and copies of forms are usually not good quality for us to start with.
This PDF is "fillable," meaning it can be filled in using a keyboard and mouse.
This PDF is not "fillable," meaning it must be printed and then filled in with a pen.















Please note that we cannot convert all forms and we will let you know before we begin any work if there are issues with your particular forms.  Forms that have heavy graphics such as the form on the left cannot always be converted to "fillable" and forms that do not have good contrast such as the form on the right cannot always be converted to fillable.

Downloadable Forms

For no charge, we can take your existing patient registration forms, digitized them and place them on your website. Your patients can then download the form, print it, and complete the form with a pen and then either bring it with them, fax it to you, or mail it to you before their first appointment. provides websites for dentists, dental search engine optimization (SEO) services, search marketing for dentists, logo design, dental practice marketing solutions, social media services, and secure email services. Call us at 888.DDS.DMD.1 (888.337.3631) to request a demo or learn more about our dental website and marketing services.

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